Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What have you done for Me lately?

Christ declares, "...without Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5). This word nothing means: completely, totally nothing. It truly means less than nothing. It is a life of joy when we come to the place where we understand that it must be the work of the Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God. (Bobby Conner)

I read this this morning and felt like for the first time it meant more to me then just...I cant do anything for the kingdom apart from The Lord. It means that and so much more. It speaks to me about the reality that I would not even be here to take a breath apart from the Lord.
How does one walk through life day after day without gratitude to the one who gave them breath?
It is kinda funny to me to sit back and smile as people totally deny the very one who created them and the ground they walk on. It is as unbelievable to me as someone saying to their mother and father...You have nothing to do with me being here. It was a fluke. a sonic boom in the womb!
Just like life is created over and over and over again if evolution were true there would be many Earths but there is not. Just the one created by God. We are Created in the image of God weather we choose to acknowledge it or not...but one day there are going to be a lot of people feeling really stupid. The problem I have with that scenario is that I get no joy out of the thought that They are going to be in that position and worse and I did not have a part in trying to get them to see the truth. More and more it appears that these are the end of the end times. More and more I cant be sidelined in furthering the Kingdom of God. A simple question of where do you go to church is an open door to start to share with someone the love of their creator.

I never thought of myself as one who would just strike up conversations about God with people but I am not sure I like how that will sound on judgment day. Imagine all the people you ever had the opportunity to speak to in any way big or small standing before God on judgment day.
I don't know but that really inspires me to get over myself. Who cares if I look like a "weird-o" this life is but a vapor! That means we don't have long to make an impact. We have people around us every day that need to know the Love of Christ.