Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More then you can imagine

So much to say...where to start. Well...God in all his mercy has once again amazed me with his love and faithfulness. His blessing upon this family far exceeds anything I could have even thought to hope for. To share my testimony in a nutshell...Sept 29, 2008 My husband lost his job. He was just one of many in the housing industry feeling the pinch of the downed market. We at the time were in the process of buying our first home. Needless to say that had to be dropped and hope was deferred once again. Seemingly a pattern in our lives. The house we were buying was to include some furniture so we gave away our sofa the day before we found out that we lost our job. I would have to say that though Hope deferred was becoming a familiar pattern in our lives so much had changed and we had grown so much in our spiritual walk that what had changed was our response to this unfortunate news. Gods sovereignty and his hand on our lives was so sure and undeniable that we simply praised Him. We literally turned up the worship music and danced and praised in our empty living room. Without getting into great detail a beautiful woman of the lord showed up at my door the same day with a very generous gift. it was extremely humbling to accept but I knew that the Lord was showing me that He was providing and that He would continue to do so...And He did. The out pouring of support was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen or experienced. I felt so loved and provided for during that time. What had historically been the worst three months of my life year after year was set up to follow in that same pattern but did not at all. This year was different and different has continued to be what has followed. Old patterns have been broken and a new season has followed. Hope deferred has ceased and great hope has been she abroad in our lives and promises of God have been delivered upon in impossible circumstances. We remained in the hands of the Lord and enjoyed His perfect provision through October November and December. Every need was met we had nothing to lack. January 1st Mark started his new job. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the right job even though in the natural it didn't look like it paying half what he was making before. Even though I knew that God had taken care of us all of those months I struggled with the reality that He would continue to do so now that we had taken this job. I knew He would but my flesh struggled with it. Each month one way or another our lack was met with perfect provision. The enemy did have his hand at mixing things up at strategic moments. We had our greatest financial crisis during War Cry. Our churches power packed youth camp that we heavily invested intercession for the Holy spirit to move in power in the lives of this generation of harvesters. I was devastated at the mess that I had made of our checking account over a miscommunication. Though I felt responsible and undeserving The Lord had it completely covered and it was resolved within days.
Upon returning from camp I felt directed to start looking or a house. This made no sense in the natural because we had only been at our new job for 7 months, had no savings and now had a major snafoo on our checking account. I did and the path it led us, put an offer in and was accepted August 11th. Held our breath during the financing process and finally exhaled September 4th when we closed on the house! Less then a year after Mark lost his job and we lost our "first house" We are now home owners and so eternally grateful it worked out this way. We love this house and where it is located so much more then where we had chosen last year. What we had chosen was Gods will in our lives and to praise Him in and for all circumstances trusting He was in control and knowing His promises. We are not only delighted and amazed that under our circumstance God would bless us so in in such supernatural proportions we continue to reap the blessings as my husband got a promotion on the same day we closed on the house and started his new position November 1st with a significant pay raise and even greater potential. We were also blessed with all new flooring and a brand new kitchen in our new house making it more wonderful then I ever could have hope or imagined would ever be mine. I stood in my house with its 1974 carpet and was delighted it was ours and a friend said to me...Be prepared to be blessed beyond your expectations and was she ever right.
This marks a change in our lives...Hope deferred no more! No more stolen promises. Our lives have been transformed by the love of Christ and we know for whom we live. There is no me in the equation. Our lives are about Him and His kingdom. We are no longer about what we want but what He wants. I pray that as you grasp the reality that this life we lead is not meant to be led by us but by Him and as we give it over to Him and diligently seek Him our that He will be found by us in the most amazing and fulfilling ways. So take your eyes off your circumstance and set them upon the one who made you. He will never leave you or forsake you and He will always Love you more then you can imagine.