Monday, May 25, 2009

It has been quite some time since I have blogged. It seems that all of my efforts were going to direct ministry. For whatever reason today I feel strongly led to write again. I was thinking about all that has happened and I was thinking about how the Lord speaks in seasons. We have come from a season of provision to a season of thanks giving...and I am not talking turkey. The reality of joyfulness, praise and thanks to God for all things and in all things is something that I know God wants me to live in right now. It is not just something that I will visit for a season but something that will transform me and how I live, how I look at others and How I commune with my heavenly father. The way this message was first brought to me in a new and profound way was through the teaching of Ben Goodman last year. I recognized the truth of what he was saying and a seed was planted. It wasn't long after that we lost our only source of income due to the "economic downturn" I have talked about this in greater detail in the past but for today's purposes I wont go deeply into that but to say... we made a choice that God was in the midst of the circumstances and we had to Thank Him for all that was taking place. The way He provided for our every need over the following three months was nothing short of miraculous. It was the most difficult three months October, November and December. We should have been a wreck but we weren't and it was truly all God. That peace that passes understanding. We got a job finally at the end of December to start January first. It was for a fraction of what we were making before but it was for a Christian owned and operated company. To us that was priceless and we knew God was just as capable to meet our needs then ad He was before. If is funny to me how I struggled that somehow we were going to have to do it now. The reality is that nothing had changed we were still in Gods hands and we still needed to trust Him and know our needs would be met. In a time when the cost of living is going up and up and up. Our cost of living went down. We found a Lovely house to rent for far less then we were paying before. and near people that we love and are enjoying being near. Thank you Lord. Our auto insurance was dropped by almost $100 a month. There were so many ways that our costs went down that all I can say is "Thank you Lord". In thanking Him when things were difficult I can now thank Him that they are better. I know soon I will be thanking Him because they are Great!
Very sad news just came to some friends of ours. They were filled with great joy and hope and expectation to soon be adopting a baby. The birth mother gave birth and changed her mind. I said OK Lord this isn't even my tragedy and I am having a hard time finding praise for this situation. Even when it is hard He wants us to praise Him. The only way we can do this is by knowing Him. If you know Him you can trust Him. If you trust Him you can praise Him. So I said thank you Lord that you know each person involved here and you know what is best for them. You know how to work in this situation and You are the only one who can provide comfort and healing. Thank You that You want good things for Your children and You will not withhold any good thing. Suddenly I knew that there was a reason for this. even in the pain I knew and had terrific peace that God was in the middle of it all. Even what the enemy may have meant for bad God will work out for the good. Just believe. Praise Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever hope for. This is true and good and worthy of our praise.

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bp said...

I enjoyed reading your post so much. I have missed you. Thank you for sharing of God's provision and blessing in your life. I love this..."If you know Him you can trust Him. If you trust Him you can praise Him." That's so great.

Have a blessed week. Thanks again for sharing your heart.