Monday, November 3, 2008

For better or for worse

Wow...what we take for granted...
My husband and I were asked to council a couple. We gladly sat down with them and listened as they shared their heart. We love them so much and want to see them come to a place of oneness in the Lord that I guess we take for granted.
My husband and I have always shared a mutual love for Christ and we have always eagerly prayed together. We have easily agreed that what we desired above all things is to seek Gods will for our lives. We have enjoyed the oneness and peace in knowing that where the Lord guides He provides and that He alone is the opener and the closer of doors in our life. Being mutually submitted to each other and to Christ we walk in complete confidence that we cant go wrong. We are surrendered to Gods will for our lives so when something does not go as we wanted we can stand together and praise God for closing a door, we never blame one another. When one of us wants something but the other does not, we yield till we are brought to a place of peace in the Lord. We have never found ourselves standing alone on any occasion. I have certainly given in to a decision he made without really wanting to but never when I felt a strong witness in my spirit that it wasn't the Lord. I guess being able to discern when it is the flesh not wanting to submit and when it is the spirit not giving you rest is a huge hurtle. It comes from Love, trust, open communication, praying together and being submitted to each other and to Christ. I know the each other part raises a few eyebrows. But when you study the scripture it really is a beautiful thing. A woman is to submit to her husband which is a joy when the husband is loving his wife as Christ loves the church. How much did Christ love the church? Enough to lay down His life for her. I reason to say that if you are treating your wife in such a way that you probably care enough to be concerned with her feelings and concerns and opinions. When that kind of mutual respect is in a relationship the "s" word is really a beautiful thing.
I have to say...we have gotten to such a place with our relationship that I actually respect when my husband looks at me and says "I hear what you are saying but I have to insist on this". I can throw my hands up and say "ok then...I thank God if you are right and if you are's your bad"
It is so easy and it actually happens so rarely. 99% of the time we can agree or let it go. Early in our marriage I remember begging him to just put his foot down. I would respect that so much more then pandering to me and letting me call the shots. That responsibility was never meant to be mine.
There truly is a safety in surrender to the one who God gave you. Just as we desire to surrender to God. As husband and wife we are supposed to be FOR each other as Christ is for us. If you feel like that is not the case I pray that you will start to pray about what steps you can take to come into that place of oneness.

Father, I thank You for my husband and the beautiful relationship we have. I thank You for the opportunity to minister to our friends and in turn be reminded how blessed we are. Lord, if it is your will that we should be an example to others in our marriage I am asking for an extra measure of protection around our relationship. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. In Jesus' name, Amen


Debra said...


Beautiful post! What a privilege it is to come alongside of another couple and walk them to the cross.

When you get a chance, I have an award for you! ((hugs)) to you, my friend.

Cheryl said...


This is an awesome post. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart.



I like your new picture, too.