Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Gods confirming words, Gods comforting awesome is He the way He writes so many songs and they come together to harmonize in my ear. All delivering the same message. I love the way a timely word from a friend can line up exactly with the words I read in my study and be repeated by my husband who has been gone over night yet to find the same tone repeated again and again. I know I can be thick headed at times but even I see that this is God speaking to me. It is just one of the ways we learn to hear Him though. Some times I think He whispers so we have to purpose to hear Him...really press in in to catch the softly spoken words. Other times it may actually seem like He is shouting. (I like that ...maybe I am just used to being spoken to that Seriously though...I do notice that we become used to hearing a certain way. When my babies were infants I could tune in the sound of even their breathing. I knew the differing sounds of their cries. As they got older I could completely shut down the whining and pleading with them inches from me while I was in thralled in conversations with friends. I have literally had friends stop and tell me you want to answer him? My knows the right way to get my attention. Well God knows the right way to get my attention but we do also want to be careful not to get distracted and let the whining drown Him out. Today I really purpose to tune in to my Heavenly father. I dont want to miss a it be read from the Bible or seen in creation, spoken from a friend or heard over the airwaves. Once again I ask...Lord Give me eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart that cries Abba father. Amen

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Debra said...

Good morning Steph,

I would love to know what the Word spoken was...and what the confirmation was...but you know, that's just me. I love to hear you.

I'm praying for Mark's interview this morning. Today was the first day I woke up without a migraine..praise the Lord!

I'm loving you. Jay had a good birthday yesterday. We are trying to get his surgery scheduled. I'll keep you posted. Loving you.