Friday, October 3, 2008


"Come running" I feel like the Lord is saying to me today. I woke up and realize what poor sleep I got last night. The first things on my mind are all of those things that set my heart racing. It is obvious that these things are out of my control but not outside Gods knowledge and ability. I really am having to try hard today to rest them there at His feet. We have the entire weekend ahead. I get a sense that the Lord desired to minister to us and the enemy would love to keep us from being able to receive it.
Today of all days I am purposing to sit at the feet of Jesus. I know he is my all. Be blessed today as you go about your day. I appreciate your prayers so much.


BP said...

I pray God will fill your heart with praise to Him so there won't be room for those doubts. I pray you will have a blessed weekend and sleep in peace (Psalm 4:8 is one of my favorites and on my calendar).

God bless you, friend.

Stephanie said...

Rejoice in the Lord always. My heart is determined to rest on thankfulness. I appreciate your prayers so very much. Thank you from the bottom of my thankful heart.