Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Count! You Are God's Favorite Child!

This thought hit me with a great force this past week. The enemy would like you to believe that you are insignificant. That your vote doesn't count. What difference will it really make? One little vote from you. Your prayers don't count. Who are you anyway? You think that your pitiful little prayer is going to change the a life...move mountains!
Sisters let me tell you what lies these are and I stand against these lies and firmly rebuke that false voice in your ear. You are important and your vote counts and your prayers are heard! You may tell yourself God is sovereign what difference will my prayer make...He will do what He will do. The Bible is full of Scripture telling us to pray. Why would God tell us to pray and even how to pray if it was not for a reason? All your prayers are heard and they all go on your Heavenly account. You are showing the Father you heart, your faithfulness, your love for Him and your love for the world that He loves. This is what he wants to see in us.
I am not trying to guilt you into being a prayer warrior. There are people who have a calling on their life to pray like no other. I respect that gift. What a special heart they have. My point in saying this is just to let you know that you are being robbed if you believe that your prayers are not powerful, important and significant. They are! Consider each word spoken in prayer...each word spoken of the father, a deposit into your heavenly account. A treasure they surly will be.
I see how this same thinking is keeping people from voting in this very important election. God cares about who you choose to put into the highest office of this most powerful country. Do not believe that He has already chosen and your vote doesn't count. You are showing your desire to hear what God is putting on your heart and taking part in telling God you hear Him and you are His servant...His obedient servant. He wants to see an obedient people. A people who cares about the people of this world. To not vote is to simply think you do not have a voice. You have a voice. Use it. It may be a vote for president of the united states of America but the results will affect the World. I would recommend praying for God to put before you the things that He wants to influence your vote and to protect you from the things that the enemy wants to use to distract you with.
Believe you matter. Believe you are heard. Know that there IS Power in your Prayers. Know that you are not without a voice. You can simply use your voice to make your vote or you can choose to reach farther and share this with your friends. Make Kingdom choices every day, in everything you do. You have to understand that you matter.

You are Gods Favorite Child!


BP said...

I enjoyed this. I have heard of people feeling that way about their vote (how you said God has the person picked already anyway so my vote doesn't matter). This mindset concerns me. I wonder how many people there are that feel that way and what would happen if all those really did vote!

Have a good day. I was praying for your this afternon.

Debra said...


I voted! I count!

Love you!